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Mr. Horne has led his company, Horne Technologies since 2008. Mr. Horne single-handily designed, constructed, and operates one of the first-ever superconducting biconic cusp systems in Denver Colorado.  Mr. Horne is a classically trained vacuum specialist; with years of hands-on experience with superconductors, vacuum technology, CAD, LabVIEW, and other fusion technologies.  Horne trained at prominent surface science entities, each a world leader in ultra-high vacuum technologiy and has also worked extensively in the aerospace industry.  He holds a BS in physics and a minor in mathematics from Montana State Bozeman.  

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Dr. Matthew J. Moynihan started in fusion in 2006.  He spent 6.5 years in a doctoral program working on targets for the National Ignition Facility.  In 2009, he founded The Polywell Blog to explain alternative fusion approaches in plain English.  His fusion content has appeared in Forbes, The UK Daily Mail, The Space Show and Industry Tap.  He has been interviewed as a fusion expert for Lap Top Radio on Stanfords’ KZSU and on The Ecomodernist Podcast.  From 2014 to 2016 he consulted for the fusion startup Convergent Scientific and helped them to raise $200K in investment.  In 2016, he founded The Fusion Podcast, in which he interviews fusion researchers from around the country.  In 2018, Dr. Moynihan was named a top fusion writer on Quora, where he has 600K+ views and 900+ followers.  He has written over 50 articles which have received over 4 million views.  Dr. Moynihan holds a bachelors in chemical engineering from the University of Buffalo and a PhD from the University of Rochester


Dr. Robert Terry received a degree in physics from the MIT, followed by the MA and PhD from Johns Hopkins, in 1968, 1975, and 1978 respectively. In 2007, he retired after 22 years as a plasma physicist at the Naval Research Labs, in Washington DC. Previously, he worked at Jaycor, which was a fusion development company and served as a principal investigator for DARPA. Currently he consults on several fusion topics, including the dense plasma focus.


Dr. Thomas Dolan, is an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the editor of "Magnetic Fusion Technology" (Springer 2013) and "Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy" (Elsevier 2017). He is the former Physics Section Head for the IAEA and works as a Nuclear Technology Consultant.

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Mr. Alex Brofman is a graduate of Cooper Union with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Alex has worked in energy efficiency for over five years. He has co-authored several studies on energy efficient building systems and worked with utilities to implement programs for energy efficiency. Alex is passionate about technological innovation, particularly in the emerging field of advanced nuclear energy. He is an advocate for nuclear fusion research, hoping to raise public and government awareness of new innovation.