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Homage To The Fusioneer - December 2012

For many years in graduate school, I could not understand why the world was not investing heavily in fusion research. Climate change seemed to be the greatest problem facing the human race - and a clean, green and cheap source of energy seemed to be the solution. Fusion could be one major tool in mankinds’ arsenal against climate change; yet the world had written it off as impossible. Many fusion researchers, both past and present share these views. Many of them scratched away at their craft in relative obscurity. Why were they not celebrated? Also science was such a logical endeavor - but I wanted some way to communicate the ethos of fusion research. In the Fall of 2012, I started collecting video, images and documents that covered the last 60 years of fusion research. I had been a competitive athlete for many years and I become a fan of the Nike courage ad campaign. That was the inspiration for this film. This film is dedicated to all those folks who worked on fusion - both ideas that succeed and failed - but were not recognized for their efforts.

The Fusion Podcast Trailer - April 2017

The goal of the fusion podcast is the interview great fusion supporters and explain what they do in simple plain English. To date, I have done 22 interviews and there is so much more that needs to be done. I wanted to get a really diverse set of fusion viewpoints: from experimental concepts, to mainline approaches to fusion startups. My dream is to develop a Radiolab show dedicated to exploring all the facets of fusion, from history to technology to the associated problems. Over several months I developed a couple of these interviews into more polished shows.