“The Fusioneers’ Handbook”

One chapter - one family of fusion approaches - explained in plain English, for normal people…

This book is still under development. Topics include:

  • Fusion Reactor Theory

  • The Pinch Family

  • Mirror Machines & Levitating Dipoles

  • Cusp Confined Plasma

  • Tokamaks & Stellerators

  • Field Reversed Configurations, Spheromaks & Rotamaks

  • Electrostatic Systems

  • Beam Approaches

  • Laser Compression

  • Plasma Jet Liner Systems

  • Liquid Metal Liner Systems

This book has been under development since the Summer of 2018. I am working with co-author Dr. Fred Bortz, who specializes in explaining physics topics to young students. Dr. Bortz is the author of over 20 popular science books; you can check out his work at http://www.fredbortz.com/about.htm. Interested in stay abreast of the book? Sign up below.

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